After you extracted and copied your configuration to config folder of OpenVPN client go to the system tray and find icon with little PC with padlock | right click on it and select Connect If you done everything correctly, you should now have the connection to the pFSense OpenVPN Let us check the status on the pFSense …

How to setup OpenVPN on a pfSense Prerequistes. Also make sure when you export (OpenVPN>Client Export) that you add a password to the file: On the client itself, edit the configuration and add change the line SUBJ: to reflect the common name. For example SUBJ:Superman – this helps OpenVPN know which certificate to grab and can ensure the Pfsense OpenVPN Server and Mobile Client Setup Guide Oct 11, 2017 How to Setup FastestVPN on pfSense via OpenVPN Protocol Step #5: Select/ write as instructed below: Server mode: Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS) Protocol: TCP on IPv4 only (or you can also select UDP) Device mode: TUN – Layer 3 Tunnel Mode Interface: WAN Server host or address: FastestVPN TCP server address if you selected TCP in “Protocol” option above. If you selected UDP, then enter a UDP server address. Here as an example I entered Australia-TCP

Remotely connect to your network using OpenVPN and pfSense

Download pfSense Community Edition This is the preferred means of running pfSense software. The entire hard drive will be overwritten, dual booting with another OS is not supported. CD Image (ISO) The CD Image (ISO) Installer is used to create a CD/DVD version used to install on virtual machines or systems with a CD/DVD drive. pfSense as an OpenVPN client · GitHub

To get mine to work properly, I had to delete the previously setup client and make a new one.. so delete the one (or multiple ones) that you may have, then follow the above section called "Create OpenVPN Client). Instead of port 1194, enter port 1197.

Jan 27, 2020