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I want to add port 8080 to EC2 security group to access tomcat. But whenever I select HTTP from drop down I get 80 port as default and also can't change it. So how can I add 8080 so that I can acc ec2_group – maintain an ec2 VPC security group — Ansible -name: example using security group rule descriptions ec2_group: name: " {{name}} " description: sg with rule descriptions vpc_id: vpc-xxxxxxxx profile: " {{aws_profile}} " region: us-east-1 rules:-proto: tcp ports:-80 cidr_ip: rule_desc: allow all on port 80-name: example ec2 group ec2_group: name: example description: an example EC2 EC2 Instance Security Group Rules Counts - EC2 best practice

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AWS EC2 Security – Certification | Jayendra's Blog What does the following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups? ec2-revoke RevokeSecurityGroupIngress Removes one or more security groups from a rule. Removes one or more security groups from an Amazon EC2 instance. Removes one or more rules from a security group; Removes a security group from our account. Configuring ElectricAccelerator for Amazon EC2 | CloudBees

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When launching an Amazon EC2 instance you need to specify its security group. The security group acts as a firewall allowing you to choose which protocols and ports are open to computers over the internet. You can choose to use the default security group and then customize it, or you can create your own security group. How to Update Your Amazon EC2 Security Group - Mindmajix Configuring a security group can be done with code or using the Amazon EC2 management console. In the process of Launch an Instance, we created a security group that enabled HTTP over port 80. The security group allows all traffic to access the Amazon EC2 instance directly over HTTP/ 80. because of an Elastic Load Balancer.